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Helbling Read & Listen Challenge

Thank you for your participation!

The Helbling Read & Listen Challenge is finished and we hope it was a fun and formative experience for your students.

The three Mystery Stories were presented to the participants in a national preview and will be available in Italy at the start of the new school year (September/October 2021).

Thank you to all the teachers who joined in and promoted this initiative. We warmly invite you to stay up to date with us through:

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Eligible participants

Students at CEFR Levels A1-A2

Participation period (Italian edition)

1 February to 28 March 2021 (ended)


  • CEFR A1: The Captain's Castle
  • CEFR A1/A2: Midnight Bay
  • CEFR A2: The Angel
cover - The Captain's Castle

CEFR A1: The Captain’s Castle

Rocky and Belle are on a school trip to an old castle. As soon as they arrive strange things start happening. Belle finds a secret room behind a mirror. And Rocky thinks that someone is trying to steal some hidden treasure. But is the treasure real? And what’s behind the secret door? Can Rocky and Belle solve the mystery of the Captain’s Castle?

Cover - Midnight Bay

CEFR A1/A2: Midnight Bay

When Rosa travels to Midnight Bay on a summer exchange project, she meets a local boy, Mako and his father Bull. Rosa soon discovers that the local sea animals have started to attack humans. And Mako is sure that something bad is happening at the big car company right by the bay. Together can they solve the mystery of Midnight Bay?

Cover - The Angel

CEFR A2: The Angel

Angelica – the Angel – is the best thief in the world, but she is bored and wants to retire. In the meantime, a new police sergeant has set a trap for her and her old enemy, the Phoenix, has appeared once more. What happens when her niece Isabelle comes to stay? And will Angelica avoid the police and find a new Angel?

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The winners are ... (click on each school name to find out)

I.C. Baunei (SS1° Grado Baunei, Santa Maria N., Urzulei)

Teacher: Ferrai, Simona Danila

  • Cabras, Elisa
  • Foddis, Federico
  • Foddis, Francesco
  • Incollu, Luca
  • Foddis, Irene
  • Lorrai, Lorenzo
  • Mulas, Nicole
  • Mulas, Francesca
  • Puccioni, Micaela
  • Secci, Elisa
  • Sotgia, Giovanni
  • Sotgia, Daniela
  • Tegas, Diego