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What is HELBLING e-zone?

HELBLING e-zone is our free Learning Management System (LMS). As a central platform for course books, grammar books and readers, HELBLING e-zone is a comprehensive resource for teachers as well as supporting students’ learning in school and at home. HELBLING e-zone is a flexible and intuitive tool for inside and outside the classroom.

What does HELBLING e-zone offer teachers?

This modern teaching environment supplements and simplifies lessons.

Innovative digital learning accompaniment

Varied interactive work materials – perfectly tailored to meet the needs of your students: activities, cyber homework, open project tasks, downloads, videos, games, competitions, and loads more.

Detailed control over your students’ learning success

Tests and monitoring allow you to keep an eye on the learning progress of your class or of individual students.

Timesaving and work reduction

Receive students’ activity results automatically, allowing a detailed learning success control.

Integrated team teaching

Provide guidance to your students together with colleagues in your school.

Easy and practical

Create courses with just a few clicks and assign tasks with a submission deadline to your students. Homework assignments are automatically corrected.

Intuitive menu navigation for a better overview

The extensive HELBLING e-zone functions are organised in clear groups to help you find what you need.

Flexible notification system

Communicate with all students at once, or with individual students.

Register as teacher

What does HELBLING e-zone offer students?

Learning, testing, and consolidating, both in self-study and in the classroom – in a fun and effective way.

A wealth of freely accessible exercises and materials

Activities, cyber homework, open project tasks, self-study material, downloads, videos, games, competitions – HELBLING e-zone offers everything that a student could want.

Activities with immediate feedback

The automatic feedback shows students what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong, thus allowing them to continuously improve.

Perfect for the classroom and for self-study

HELBLING e-zone offers an enormous range of materials, both for use in the classroom and at home.

Intuitive and easy handling

Clear overview of all ongoing activities and projects.

One user account – many options

Students can create a personal account for self-study and use the same account to join teacher-managed courses.

FAQ Teachers

How do I register for the HELBLING e-zone?

If you’d like to register as a teacher, simply complete the form on this page. Once registration has been completed, you can immediately start using HELBLING e-zone and creating your courses.

FAQ Students

How do I register for the HELBLING e-zone?

If you’d like to register as a student, simply complete the form on this page. Once registration has been completed, you can immediately access your personal homepage. There, you can request to join a course with a course ID. Or you can go to Training for independent practice using the access code from your book.


If you have any questions relating to HELBLING e-zone, our catalogue, our authors, or our events, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time by filling in this form.
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